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Coaching Services

  1. Personalized Mindset Coaching:

    • DIY: Interactive e-courses focused on building a resilient and proactive mindset.

    • DFY: One-on-one sessions with certified mindset coaches.

  2. Executive Leadership Coaching:

    • DIY: Self-paced courses targeted for business leaders.

    • DFY: Personalized coaching with C-level executives in mind.

Strategy Sessions

  1. Individual Strategy Session:

    • DIY: Guided templates and worksheets for crafting your mindset strategy.

    • DFY: Tailored sessions focused on your specific needs and challenges.

  2. Team Strategy Session:

    • DIY: Group workshops with downloadable resources.

    • DFY: Customized live workshops for your team.

Mentorship Programs

  1. 6-Month Mentorship Program:

    • DIY: Access to a curated library of mindset growth materials.

    • DFY: Ongoing, dedicated mentor to guide you through your journey.

  2. 12-Month Ultimate Growth Mentorship:

    • DIY: 12-month structured curriculum.

    • DFY: Extensive, year-long dedicated mentorship with monthly check-ins.

Health and Wellness

  1. Mindfulness and Meditation:

    • DIY: Online courses and apps.

    • DFY: Guided meditation sessions.

  2. Nutrition and Physical Wellness:

    • DIY: Meal plans, workout routines.

    • DFY: Personalized wellness consultation and ongoing support.

Additional Resources

  1. Discovery Calls:

    • Free initial consultations to tailor solutions to your needs.

  2. Resource Library:

    • A compendium of e-books, articles, and webinars available for immediate access.

  3. Community Forum:

    • Peer support and expert advice in an interactive online community.

Whether you’re just starting on your path to a growth-oriented mindset or looking to level up, The Brunson Approach's Mindset Solutions offer a variety of services to meet you where you are. Given your consulting background, integrating such solutions might even offer your entrepreneurial clients the missing piece in their own strategic plans.

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