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Meet Quintaria

Introducing Quintaria S. Brunson, "The Corporate Credit Coach," a dynamic financial strategist and business visionary dedicated to empowering and educating minority business owners. With a wealth of experience in business development, real estate management, and financial management, Quintaria is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create highly profitable exit strategies using businesses, real estate, and tax-free vehicles.

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My Story

Quintaria, the visionary Chief Financial Strategist behind The Brunson Approach and the innovative Managing Partner and Commercial Real Estate Lead at Simms and Associates, stands at the forefront of designing scalable and profitable pathways toward financial freedom. Her extensive expertise spans business strategy, mergers & acquisitions, franchising, and strategic commercial real estate investments, with a keen focus on life insurance strategies. This unique blend of skills establishes her as a pivotal figure in guiding both businesses and individuals through the intricacies of financial growth and sustainability.

Through innovative leadership and a profound understanding of market dynamics, Quintaria has championed scalable and sellable business models that not only target profitability but also ensure a lasting legacy. Her strategic insights have earned widespread recognition, featuring on major media outlets like Fox News Radio, Bounce TV, and iHeart Radio. A testament to her influence and ability to forge meaningful connections, she has placed among the top 15% of agents in the U.S., achieving a remarkable 210% increase in client base through referrals in under a year.

At the heart of her endeavors lies a deep-seated passion for community development and empowerment. Quintaria has initiated several major financial literacy and mastery programs aimed at combating poverty and improving conditions for underbanked and targeted communities. These efforts underscore her commitment not just to financial success, but to making it accessible and sustainable for all, especially those in marginalized communities.

With over 16 years of experience, she has founded and led multiple businesses, including Faith & Fashion Week and Designed Life—an event management and creative consulting firm known for producing cutting-edge, wholesome events for families and providing strategic program development. Her mission extends to helping individuals leave a lasting legacy through businesses and real estate, designing and executing customized wealth plans for a financially secure and prosperous future.

As a dedicated community advocate and a developer of financial literacy programs, her role transcends her professional achievements, underscoring her commitment to effecting tangible change. As a renowned media contributor, Quintaria shares these experiences and insights with the hope of inspiring a broader audience toward financial empowerment and active community engagement. Guided by The Brunson Approach, her ultimate goal is to ensure future generations achieve financial freedom, transforming dreams into reality with an unwavering commitment to excellence.


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