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Empowering Executives and Business Owners with Profitable Exit Strategies

Our mission is to sculpt and amplify your brand, strategically integrating systems that transform your business into a valuable, market-ready entity. With this foundation, you hold the power to continue leading daily operations, maintain ownership, or capitalize on your hard-earned profits by selling."

Quintaria S. Brunson

"The Corporate Credit Coach"

Founder & Chief Financial Strategist.

Specialized Services


Business Development & Strategy


Business Sales - Merger/Acquisitions - Franchising



SBA Certifications & Gov't Contracts

Commercial Real Estate & Land Development 


Tax-Free & Lifetime Income Solutions (Life Insurance)


The Brunson Approach is a top-tier Strategic Solutions Firm that empowers high-earning entrepreneurs with tailored business strategies, facilitating the transformation of ambitious visions into tangible growth.

At The Brunson Approach, our key differentiator is our unwavering focus on your EXIT STRATEGY. By starting with the end in mind, we help you create a company that is scalable, sellable, or manageable for your desired long-term outcomes. We also prioritize the protection of our clients, ensuring they are shielded from unknowingly breaching the corporate veil and facing unnecessary risks.


Connect with us to unlock your business's full potential and embrace a world of strategic success



"If you're a small business owner feeling overwhelmed with your financial situation, I cannot recommend this firm Quintaria and her folks at The Brunson Approach. Their approach to identifying and addressing our financial bottlenecks was remarkable. They helped us increase our profit margins, and we've been thriving ever since."

Chris O., Business Owner

"In my journey as a real estate investor, the intricacies of financial planning and management once seemed like a daunting, insurmountable mountain. However, partnering with The Brunson Approach completely transformed this perception. Their team, with a perfect blend of expertise and patience, simplified the complex issues into digestible tasks. Their consistent guidance became the beacon that led us out of financial uncertainty. Today, thanks to The Brunson Approach, our business isn't just surviving—it's thriving and surpassing all expectations."

Amanda M., Real Estate Investor

"My journey with Quintaria began eight years ago when I had the opportunity to volunteer as a hair stylist for her production, Faith & Fashion Week. I eventually evolved to be officially a part of her team as the Editorial Director for the last 5 years of the production. From the onset, Quintaria's unwavering dedication to excellence and her consistent work ethic were truly inspiring. Being part of her production served as a catalyst for my own professional growth in the beauty and fashion industry, fostering my skills and encouraging my evolution into the role of Editorial Director for the final five years of the production. When it came to scaling my own hair company and product line, there was no question in my mind about who to turn to. The Brunson Approach, under Quintaria's proficient guidance, helped take my business to unprecedented heights. Every interaction with Quintaria is an assurance that you're in the hands of someone remarkable. In essence, working with Quintaria isn't just about having a financial expert on your side; it's about partnering with a luminous guide who illuminates your path to success. Quintaria, your brilliance shines brightly in my life, and for that, I am eternally grateful."

Brandi N., Award Winning Trichologist

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